Global Talk Forum Vol. 1 オンライン開催決定

Global Talk Forum Vol.1 2021.8.29(日) 9:30-11-30 開催

毎回大人気だったイベント「アメログ多摩」が「Global Talk Forum」として新しくスタートします!
記念すべき第1回目のテーマは”アメリカのリアルな学生生活” です。




Ethan Anderson

Ethan Anderson is a rising Senior at the Noble and Greenough School in Dedham, Massachusetts. Half Japanese, he attended a Japanese School up until middle school and has spent many of his summers in Japan. His background gives him some insight into the differences between American and Japanese cultures. He hopes to further improve and integrate Japanese into his life and pursue a career in engineering after high school. After school, he likes to run, row, and wrestle, and also likes to build scale models at home.

Nathan Bornstein

Nathan Bornstein is a high school student at the Buckingham Browne & Nichols school in Boston, Massachusetts in the United States! His favorite subjects at school are history, math, and foreign languages (he is studying Japanese and Spanish). In his free time he volunteers teaching English and plays lots of tennis. He also hopes to study abroad in Japan when he is older and is excited to help out with the Global Talk Forum!

開催日 2021年8月29日(日)
時間 午前9:30~11:30
会場 オンラインにて開催 –  参加登録者には後日詳細をメールにて送付
定員 先着登録30名 参加登録は下記フォームより


主催: NPO法人Knox English Network
共催 :在日アメリカ大使館


中学生以上大学生まで 【参加費無料】

Global Talk Forumは、英語を聞いたり話したりする場所を無料で提供することを目的の一つとしています。積極的に英語にチャレンジしたい人であれば英語のレベルは問いません。